One-One Consultations

Phoebe Offers private one-one Nutrition Consultations at The Harrison Clinic, Berkshire and the Wokingham Therapy Clinic. Telephone and Skype consultations can also be arranged where necessary. I offer a FREE 15 minuet consultation, where all your questions and concerns can be answered. Contact me via my contact page to book an appointment!

How does it work

Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a food diary (over a course of 3-7 days) and your reasons for seeking nutritional advice. This allows phoebe to prepare in advance maximising your time available with her

Initial consultations last 1 hour allowing you the time to discuss your visit in a friendly, relaxed, and informal atmosphere. Phoebe will complete a Health and Lifestyle questionnaire with you allowing her to provide expert evidence-based advice during your 2nd appointment.

Between your initial and 2nd consultation, Phoebe will complete a full dietary analysis of your food diary and create a personalised dietary programme designed to meet your individual requirements.IMG_6688

2nd Consultation. Phoebe will give you a detailed report and full explanation of her analysis, highlighting any dietary and lifestyle factors which may be contributing to symptoms. She will walk you through the programme ensuring you are comfortable with the recommendations and making tweaks if needed.

Follow-ups. These appointments are designed to assess your progress and allow for adjustments to be made if necessary. They also offer ongoing encouragement and support so you are fully supported through your journey to reaching your goal. The number of follow-ups are dependent on the individual However, it is advisable to be seen within 6-8 weeks of each appointment.

Parents, guardians and friends are welcome at the client’s discretion. To book an appointment either visit The Harrison Clinic or contact Phoebe via the Contact page.