Corporate Wellness

Employers are now in a great position to help influence their employees lead a healthier lifestyle. Not only will this help to improve their overall health but in turn can lead to higher productivity and less absence in the workplace. Phoebe can deliver Nutrition and Wellbeing workshops to suit any organisation. . Corporate well-being days and events have been extremely popular in the past with employers and Phoebe is happy to talk about Nutrition and help spread Nutritional messages at these events. Phoebe’s recent work includes hosting a wellness day at acer, this involved delivering 1-2-1 sessions with employees to provide general public health advice tailored to the individuals needs. 

buffetteEach wellness day is tailored to the clients requirements. Below are some examples of what can be included within the area of nutrition for workplace wellness: 

Workplace Clinic Days

These previously have been extremely popular as they allow Phoebe to provide personalised nutritional advice for employees. Phoebe provides 30 minuet express nutrition consultations to enhance health and productivity.

Nutritional Analysis

Phoebe can provide nutritional analysis of food and drink at the onsite restaurant and canteen. Following analysis Phoebe will be able provide guidance on practical and simple changes to maximise nutritional capability. These changes will be tailored to each client, overcoming potential barriers that arise.

Learning Sessions

These sessions cover key topics in relation to health and wellness. Employees can learn how to boost productivity and success through good nutrition. Topics can include: Food and Mood, Nutrition Myth Busting, Eating for Energy,  Eating for Brain Power, and more. These sessions provide practice and simple strategies to empower employees to lead a healthy and successful life. 

If you are interested in using Phoebe’s services, or would like more information on how Phoebe can help please use the contact page.