Child Nutrition

With a lot of mis-leading information in the media it’s no wonder many families in the UK are often confused about which foods are appropriate to offer their children.

There’s no questioning the importance of child nutrition and the impact it has on Health, Personal Development and Overall Wellbeing. However it’s one of the main areas of nutrition where people lack informed knowledge.  Improving your child’s nutrition doesn’t need to be confusing in fact it’s quite easy.  Improving your child’s health from an early age, can impact their wellbeing and lifestyle as they progress through childhood into their teenage years and even adulthood, therefore Phoebe offers one-one consultations for those who require help and advice about their own child’s health and general family wellbeing. Phoebe is passionate about promoting evidence-based accurate and reliable nutritional advice and has written various articles and blogs on Child Nutrition.

Whatever your needs, whether you require one-one advice, seek a Nutritional Speaker, or would like to explore Recipe/Menu design Phoebe can provide expert advice and support.