How to Increase Energy Levels

Whether in your local supermarket, reading the paper or your favourite magazine, we are bombarded with different health claims, often very conflicting about ways to boost your energy levels. Some suggest taking energy boosting supplements or herb teas, while others claim opting for a restricting low-carb, low-fat, high-protein diet is the way forward. However there … Continue reading How to Increase Energy Levels

Nutrition for New Mums

Life with a new-born baby is absolutely amazing and you treasure every moment, but let’s face it you can’t help but feel totally exhausted half the time. The good news is we are constantly exposed to an amazing energy source that will help keep you going and its called FOOD. A healthy and varied diet … Continue reading Nutrition for New Mums

Salt Awareness Week

This year salt awareness week is the 4-10th March. Many people know that a diet high in salt is bad for your health, as it can cause an increase in blood pressure which in turn increases risk of heart disease and stroke. However many people have admitted to not knowing the best way to reduce … Continue reading Salt Awareness Week