Chocolate Covered Stuffed Dates

So I have recently fallen back in love with DATES! I used to think they where a little boring and you couldn’t do much with them, how I was wrong!! I will be doing a lot more recipes with dates to show you all how diverse they are!

What I love about this recipe is that you can make in batches and keep them in your fridge or for when you need a quick healthy snack (or small desert).  The recipe is also very diverse, meaning you can add any nut nutter and crushed nuts, basically use up whats in your cupboard!

The nuts on the outside add that extra crunch and also a great way to add protein and certain nutrients to your diet


HWWA8883 (1).JPG

  • Serves: However many stuffed dates you wish to make
  • Prep time: 10-15 minuets
  • Cooking/Cooling Time: 1 hour (for dark chocolate to set)



  • Medjool Dates (or regular)
  • Nut Butter of your choosing
  • 70% or more Dark Chocolate
  • Crushed Nuts (topping)


  1. Slice one side of all the dates (be careful not to slice the other side)
  2. Spoon 1 teaspoon of your nut butter in each date (if you wish put some of the crushed nuts inside)
  3. Melt your dark chocolate in the microwave or in a saucepan over hot water and then cover all the dates in your melted dark chocolate
  4. Sprinkle the crushed nuts on top and put in your fridge for 1 hour to set
  5. Then enjoy!