Food Matters Live 2018

food matters

Each year I attend an annual 3-day Nutrition Conference in London called Food Matters Live, where I get a chance to attend seminars and conferences about the recent scientific development in the field of nutrition and health. these are ran by professionals who are experts in their field.

IMG_6504There’s also a chance for me to test some new food products that are hoping to hit our supermarket shelves. this is extremely important because I get to speak to the marketing team themselves to help understand what they look for in a client base. This year I got a clear message. Packaging to look modern, feature at least 10% less fat, sugar and salt, and to be vegan and/or gluten free. HOWEVER THIS DIDN’T MEAN THE PRODUCTS WERE HEALTHY! Knowing a little more about marketing companies thought process, allows me to help advice my clients about food packaging and what they should really be looking for in food produce.IMG_6503

Here are some of the talks I attended this year:

  • Nutrition for maternal and infant health
  • Maternal diets and Gestational Diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal Health- over 50s
  • Diet, nutrition and muscular health for all
  • Meeting the nutritional needs of the active consumer
  • How marketing and food product design is shaping the way consumers shop
  • Nourishing the nation- will Britain’s new diet tackle obesity. Nutrition for Maternal